“Here’s my card. Can I have yours, please?”

Whatever else happens in a first-time business meeting, exchanging cards is a ritual that’s constant. You will tuck it into your pocket, or a card holder if you are the compulsive type. If in Japan, you will bow slightly, receive it reverently with both hands, read it carefully, then place it perfectly square on the desk in front of you and put it away only at the end of the meeting.

Anyways, the card will be tossed into your desk drawer or placed in a card file box. When you need it, it’s rare for you to be able to locate it quickly.

In the brief video that follows, I will show you a small “hack” that can vastly improve the value of your cards. Here it is.

Save your audience from “Death by Powerpoint”with these 4 tools.

Text-heavy, bullet list slides are a sure way to make your listeners lose interest in your presentation. Here are 4 methods for engaging your audience.

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The hallmark of intelligence is the ability to learn new tasks. How does the human brain go about the task? The human brain, remarkable as it is, does not go about the task of learning in a very efficient manner. It uses a highly inefficient approach called “Reassociation.” We appear to learn new tasks simply by repeating the original neural activity patterns and swapping their assignments. Although “quick and dirty” it’s not the best way to learn.

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Arjun Rajagopalan

Founder: {P}rescription— https://p-rescription.com

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